IIT-Delhi to discuss benefits of cow products

The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, will hold a workshop to propose a national project for the scientific validation of Panchgavya, a concoction prepared by mixing five cow products urine, cow dung, milk, curd and ghee.

The two-day workshop will deliberate on five subjects with 125 scientists from other IITs, National Institute of Technology (NITs) and research laboratories.

The scientists will discuss ways in which Panchgavya and related products can be used for rural development, medicinal purposes and food items, officials said.

The national brainstorming-cum-consultative workshop on Scientific Validation and Research on Panchgavya is being organised by Center for Rural Development and Technology, IIT, Delhi and supported by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a flagship scheme of the HRD Ministry, being coordinated by IIT Delhi.

Professor VK Vijay, head of the centre and national coordinator of UBA, told HT the workshop aims at validating claims on Panchgavya and related products, which already exist in the country.

Scientific validation of Panchgavya and related products and its certification is very much required for its wide application but it has not yet been done. We will look at whether these claims are really effective or not. Once we validate and certify then these products can become much popular, he said.

The five subjects areas are Uniqueness of Indigenous Cows, Panchgavya in Agriculture, Panchgavya in Medicine and Health, Panchgavya in Food and Nutrition and Panchgavya For Utilities, Products & Processes.

He said though it is claimed these products are sustainable and beneficial in most of the aspects, its application is restricted to a few regions and communities.

The use of Panchgavya and its related products is being done in various parts of the country. In Ayurveda it is used to treat diseases like cancer. There are many patents on cow products in India and abroad, he said.

He said the five subject areas will look at validating the uniqueness of indigenous cows and their products over exotic cows, and validating Panchgavya and related products as medicine against human and animal diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure.

Keynote presentations will also look at scientific analysis and certification of Panchgavya and related products for use in products such as soaps, mosquito coils, dhoop, wall panels, and insulators

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