Bhartiya cow- road map to indias growth in 3 years( Mission 2020)

(Author has small experience of 27 years ,worked in Krishivigyan Kendra ICAR for extension work for 3 years, improvement in raw milk quality in exportmilk factory for 7 +years, Hyderabad milk factory for 3 years, guided many Goshalas and Bhartiya cow farms from 2012 , presently in cattle feed factory from more than 3 +year. He can be contacted only on Telegram number 9822194289 and mail id
________________________________________________________________________________The cows maintained now are without professional approach, which were mainly for use of cow dung , urine and milk in rural areas for household and own agricultural purposes. As the dairies started collecting milk, little commercial views started coming in WRT costs. But still we should think of its INDUSTRIAL VALUE in form of power generation, CNG generation , FMCG products etc. In order to reduce the import of Petroleum products and foreign exchange, and attain self sustainability, India should have clear VISION, MISSION AND VALUES about Bhartiya cows and its use for road map of Indias development( which we are Lacking now ).

We divide our article in 4 parts

A)Financial implications-

  1. Income from sale of milk -The sale of milk and milk products is increasing every day in metric Tonnes. Only we have to advertise our products in name of A2 milk ( recently Haryana CM inaugurated A2 milk Plant). This step to be duplicated by each state to reduce the hazards of consumption of A1 milk and reduce Government budgets in crores on Human health.
  2. The production cost of milk should be monitored to be affordable , hence techno commercial analysis and guidance is a must. Antibiotic resistance in human can be solved by use of Pashu ayurweda and pashu homeopathy thus saving some laks crores rupees on budget of Indian government on human health per year. Presently our budget is 35lac crores rupees which is not necessary and also not giving good results.
  3. The Power generation of 24 Horse power that is 30 Kilo watts from cow dung of 200 cows isuseful model for industry purpose.Now very small model of 1 HP power for 5 hrs from dung of 10 cows is running at Wai near Pune in Maharashtra .So the problems of shortages of power generation , distribution can be ruled out.
  4. The LPG plants in india which mainly import crude oil from foreign countries have huge refinery losses in thousand crores.( Thus wasting National Currency). It can be prevented by setting of LPG plants from Cowdung. Same way Methane from cow dung can be separated and used in Fabrication industry.The CNG developed by IIT Delhi at Bhilwada Rajasthan is good example to run Autos and Cars on fuel from cow dung. Such units in huge number will reduce foreign exchange.
  5. The domestic use tooth paste , Soaps, Fenyl,Dhoop stick have good future as FMCG. Already Srikrishna Goshala Aurangabad in Maharashtra is doing from 7 years.
  6. The present agriculture products are non marketable due to heavy residues of fertilizers and pesticides , which can be reduced by use of products from cow dung and urine. This will save huge waste of money and prevent suicides of lives of farmers.
  7. The income from Fenyl sold to hospitals is renumerative . It will also prevent diseseas frequency and assure good hospital management with early relief to patients.
  8. The ghee from A2 milk is extremely medicinal value and most useful in human diseases , thus saving human from waste of money and time, energy. Example Many people are practicing Panchgavya therapy and preparing upto 42 products for human health, geeting good income . (Example is Pune In Maharashtra, Wagbhatta Goshala Chennai,Gosewa Anusandhan Kendra Nagpur etc etc.

B) Cow Nutrition

The cows will only perform well if they get quality and quantity nutrition. The recent survey By Zansi fodder research institute says that Indian cow farming is facing present deficit of 291 million tones green fodder and 56 million tones dry fodder as per the present needs per year .Those varieties thriving on on less water and more adjusting to drought needs to be used , which are available but very less used by farmers. The 45 plants , shrubs and herbs which are very commonly available , can be used as filler material needs to be used to reduce wastage of money on dry fodder.Also the huge agro waste of 10,000 metric tonnes from the agriculture produce
marketing committees in India , which needs to be properly coordinated ,needs to be used in limited quantity.

C) Cow Diseases

Lot of union budget in laks crores is wasted on non clarity of use of policy of non using following measures.

  1. Antibiotic sensitivity test AST- The indiscriminate and unnecessary use of antibiotics in animals ( which posed threat of antibiotic resistance in human)can be reduced by use of laboratory.( Author worked for 7 years in such laboratory)
  2. Animal ayurweda- List of 45 plants to be used for animal diseases need to be used milk producers wastage of money on animal health.
  3. Animal homeopathy- lot of progress has been done and many foreign countries are using this topic. India faces negligence of propogation and use of it.

D) Marketing of Safe milk

The union health minister admitted that 68 % milk in India is unsafe for human health. ( such is our quality and how we can think of exporting it). Our extension services ad medias should be used to strenghthen our milk producers, commercial dairy farms and Goshalas for producing safe milk.Residues of aflatoxins, antibiotics , hormones , heavy metals will have to be reduced to make milk safe for human consumption. This will give us export orders from Russia due to its broken relationships with European Union.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Pawan poonia
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Sir i want to know about how to generate power or electricity by cow dung and how much investment need for this.
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